Types of video production

Explainer / whiteboard

Explainer or whiteboard videos are an efficient and easy way of breaking down complex information or lots of messages in to a short video which the audience can easily understand. One of the more popular sectors for this is breaking down software or an app or a ‘how to’ service. We have created content like this for Home Learning College, Nokia Nuage amongst others.

Cameraman filming a superyacht

Corporate / promo

This may be a video highlighting the history or services of your company, highlighting your friendly staff, selling a specific service or your expertise in a certain field. The potential applications and uses are pretty much endless! The primary aim is to promote the core brand or product. We will ensure you convert clicks to customers with memorable video content.

Testimonial / case study

Testimonial videos can help you a lot when it comes to building trust and informing your target audience about how good your product is. Normally interview led pieces with a selection of relevant cutaways (footage), interviews could be with content customers who are pleased with the service they received or a product they brought.

The impact of customers endorsing a company can be very positive for testimonials but companies will know and be able to explain the technical or special aspects of their product or service with passion and depth of knowledge. Use interviewees who are genuinely happy with the service and who come across as genuine and engaging on camera.


We’ve produced product videos for some leading brands including B&Q and Hobbycraft.

Product videos are an excellent way of showing an audience the benefits of a product, how to make something or put it together.

Think how much easier it would be to watch a video of how to put that Ikea wardrobe together in a visual way, rather than look at diagrams and text on a bit of paper… and then realise the massive benefit of this video genre and what it can do for your brand!


Video is an ideal method for the induction of new employees – it can save time and money. Video is the ideal format for training initiatives that have to be pushed out across a company. Complex ideas can be easily explained and supported with visuals across the business and graphics underlining key areas. Rather than the costly practice of gathering all employees together at once, online video viewing opens up the possibility of everyone being able to watch in their own time. In addition to easy online distribution, the training materials can be accessed by employees at any time as a refresher. These videos are able to offer:

  • Up-skilling of staff across the business.
  • Graphics and visuals to help explain complex processes.
  • Opportunities for horizontal training – other employees giving tips about how they work more effectively.
  • Cost savings over traditional training methods and an uptake in retention of information.
  • An archive for future reference.
Cameraman Interviewing

Event coverage

We cover a wide variety of events from large-scale international events, to conferences, award ceremonies, publicity and press parties and more. We can produce a short highlights video of your event to promote the next one and attract more visitors or delegates.

Record full presentations at conferences to use online so delegates who could not make the event can watch them. We can offer live streaming of conferences or other event moments through platforms such as Facebook live and live streaming on YouTube. We can capture interviews with key speakers as well as visitors or delegates to the event to showcase what it was all about the magic of the evening. We never miss a key moment at an event and even have our specialised sub-brand company, Robin Creative Media Events so get in touch today.

Internal communications

Internal Communications video offers an engaging opportunity to share vital messages and communicate in a more personal way than traditional internal communications. It can also save a lot on staff costs and their time. Video messages can now be spread throughout an organisation in seconds to any number of devices.

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Using video for internal communications finally makes sense thanks to the ease of online distribution – saving both time and money by becoming instantly accessible to employees and integrating perfectly with their daily online experience. We can work with you to produce regular video content which informs, trains and presents staff members with information through video format.

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