Methods we utilise on a project

Live action / real time filming

We offer filming as part of a project or a standalone service where we shoot for a client and then deliver the raw footage either straight after the shoot whilst still on location or post shoot. This is a popular option for clients with their own in-house editing team, but do not have the capacity or availability for filming a subject.

Cameraman Sony FS7

We offer this service for corporate clients as well as other video production companies and agencies. We use the latest camera equipment including Sony FS7 cameras which have the capability to shoot in 4K resolution if required.


Editing is an essential part of video production and on par with filming itself, this is really where the magic happens! We offer editing as a standalone service as well as part of a full video production project/package. User generated content is very popular now and organisations are encouraging their staff to generate content –

we are more than happy and experienced in editing footage sent in to us and curating it into a masterpiece. We also offer clients the opportunity to come in to our office to oversee part of an edit which we find is very popular as it gives the client the opportunity to learn about the editing process for future projects to make them more efficient and understand it more as well as seeing their full footage selection. We use the latest editing equipment with macs, and back up all our projects safely on RAID systems and in an off-premises location to give our clients piece of mind.


Photography is the perfect compliment to our primary video production services. We offer cost effective services for photography or as a stand alone service. Whether its an event, product shoot or other. Save time, money and effort by not going to two separate companies/suppliers when you can book a video and photo team with us.

Our team know each other and have experience of working as a video/photo team together so work in a synergy to make shoots very efficient and easy for the client. We use the latest photography equipment which includes Canon 5d Mark 4 with a wide range of lenses and lights. It helps with setting up actors, extras, locations, food all at the same time for the video/photo team so you don’t need to do this on two separate occasions and through away money and staff time etc to set this up. Please contact us for examples of our photography and example packages on offer.

Aerial filming

Aerial filming gives a unique perspective that just no ground shot can give. They add a stunning dimension to a video and give a wider picture when shooting in an outdoor or indoor location and those hard to reach spots on a shoot. We offer aerial filming and photography as either a one or two person team.

Our experienced drone partners are fully CAA licensed, insured and experienced as what they do. They also work as camera operators which is a huge advantage in terms of not just flying a drone up and down over the target, but actually thinking how they can creatively capture the subject in different ways and delivering a variety of amazing shots to use as a stand alone piece or as part of a film. This doesn’t always necessarily mean the highest the drone can possibly go, but also thinking about mid level shots nearer the ground, revealing shots from behind something and more. We use both smaller drones such as the phantom and mavic pro to get in to those tight spaces through to the bigger octocopter drones such as the latest dji inspire or S1000 for those bigger jobs. We have flown over everything from superyachts worth millions of pounds, festivals to hotels and locations, both in the UK including central London and internationally.

Timelapse / hyperlapse

We can offer long term time-lapse from 6 months to two years. Very popular with construction projects. We also have experience in filming store builds and property developments by filming time-lapse sequences over a set period, showcasing how the development is constructed and the detail, care and attention put in.

We can also offer the newer technique hyper-lapse which are a relatively new technique and can be used to add dynamism and a modern fresh feel, especially when accompanied by relevant sound effects.

Live streaming video

Live streaming

Online platforms are now increasing the capability of live streaming video content and we offer this as a service. Including Facebook live etc.

Green screen / studio

We have a portable green screen studio so we can bring the studio to you. We also use a number of local studio spaces which vary in size from the small to the large for more commercial/broadcast work.

Green Screen Filming


Animation is a very popular method to explain a complex subject or highlight something on screen that just cannot be justified or showed at its best just through normal filming/editing.

You can see examples of our animation work via the video that accompanies this section.

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