Experience and skill

At the heart of our business lies a compact core team of specialists, this ensures we work closely with our clients to deliver the best outcome.

The core team is supported by a talented network of video specialist freelancers that are bespoke for each project. This means we always have the best team for the job. All our team members have a strong work ethic and love what they do. Everyone is friendly and approachable.

Our small core team ensures ideas and the production process between us and our clients is clear, nothing is lost in communication and projects are a joy to work on! Communication is key.

Behind the scenes

Our core team

Robin Waldman – Managing Director

Robin runs the show at Robin Creative Media and oversees all aspects of the business. He previously worked in South East Asia, as Production Manager for a Film & TV servicing Company, Video Producer at the University of Southampton, and then started the Company in 2012.  

Robin is the primary contact for client liaison throughout each project process, and gets hands-on with a variety of roles during the production process including camera operator and director for projects which involve larger crews.

Robin Waldman
Dan Farmiloe

Dan Farmiloe – Editor

As our in-house highly skilled editor, Dan ensures our client’s footage is cut together to tell their story in an engaging and dynamic way. Using the latest techniques interlaced with the latest trending tips and tricks and methods including motion graphics and animation, Dan delivers unbelievable content which blows our clients away.

Dan also works on aspects of our marketing including graphics design, and often gets hands on during the production process as second shooter or photographer.

Julia Waldman – Consultant Advisor

Julia provides business development support for RCM in a consultancy capacity. She also provides production management on larger or more complex productions. She has worked with Robin Creative Media since its inception and has been involved in shoots in Cambodia, Morocco, Greece and the UK. She is committed to clients receiving a dedicated, fair, transparent and high quality service across all areas of the business.

Julia has a diverse background in education, leadership & management, project management, commissioning, & work with young people, children and families.

Julia Waldman

Proudest projects

We have worked on Southampton & London Boat Show for a number of years now and these large-scale international events require every ounce of energy and creativity from the team. We turn a large amount of video content on a wide variety over the course of each show and most of it requiring same day turnaround, so high pressure stuff but nothing our team can’t handle! You can view an example of one of those videos here…

Producing over 50 short videos with a very tight deadline to feature on the Universities innovative new digital prospectus. Each course featured a short video interview with either a current student or alumnus discussing the best points about that course and University.

You can view all the videos on their digital prospectus by clicking the image:

A large-scale seven month project which involved a lot of organization and planning. On one of the shoot days there were over 50 people on set including a crew of 10, Fire & Rescue and police crews, actors and extras. The film involved the EPSRC UK-RAS Network of nineteen universities, several of whom joined in with the project. It was a UK-Robotics Week Grand Challenge entry in the ‘Extreme Environments: emergency resilience and disaster response’ category . 130 pupils from New Forest Academy, plus their parents and teachers, joined staff, students and participants to watch the première of ‘Finding Lucy’ and it went down extremely well which summed up what a top job our team did.

Working for us

We work with a range of trusted local freelancers for various projects and larger scale shoots, this involves multiple set skilled specialists like camera operators, aerial filming units, animators amongst others. We only work with team members that are specialists at what they do, experienced, know the way we work and understand how we work with our clients.

Work Experience? Want to work with us?

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