Robin Creative Media offers a variety of services to help you to achieve video marketing success. We help clients sell their product or service, encourage visitors to their event, train staff, and showcase clients’ visions and requirements through dynamic video content.   

After an initial consultation and short questionnaire, we will work closely with you to agree a way forward. 

We can provide a one-person video producer or a large crew with multiple camera operators, aerial filming unit, and runners with all the bells and whistles.

Genres & Methods

We make amazing films and help our clients get the most out of them. We do this in a number of ways as shown next.

We know that every project is unique and our creative approach reflects this.   However all our projects are run using the same quality assurance process, systems and set of principals to achieve the same high standard every time.







In the initial/consultation stages we ask clients to fill out a briefing form so we can understand the requirements for the project in detail, grasp what the client want out of the project and discuss the budget. We can then work out what can be produced within this budget, look at examples of similar projects and how we can make theirs unique and fulfill/meet the objectives.

Robin in a client meeting


There can be a lot to organise in the planning stage and we handle it all. We then will communicate closely with client deciding on the timeline for the project, scheduling and co-ordinating the shoot dates, and delivery dates. We would storyboard, script, agree on a shot list, produce a call sheet so everyone knows where to be, when and what they are doing/ the logistics. The planning is essential for a smooth project and will ensure everything goes on time, on budget and we meet the expectations and ideally surpass them! From this initial stage, the client should be feeding us as much information as possible so we can understand their brand and they are all about and we give our input with our experience and creativity in to how that can best be put across on video form. It’s a partnership/collaboration!


This is the stage where our team captures all the content confirmed in the planning stage,  on location or in a studio, whether its video, audio, graphics or other creative content. On the day of the shoot, the client can either choose to be there or not as we can handle everything based on the planning stage. The details confirmed in the planning stage ensure that the shoot goes smoothly, on time and on budget.

Interviewing Ricky Lambert


Now we have the footage, time to make something beautiful and the magic happen! Our skilled in-house editor will take the footage and transform it into a compelling film. Using the footage cut in with graphics, animation, sound effects, add voiceover choice of music, transitions, colour grading all adds to it. We send our clients the first draft via online transfer to check over the content, once we have feedback we then proceed to make the amends, and normally grade the film, we then go back and forth with the client until they are happy with the final piece. We also offer an option of the client coming to oversee the edit at a certain stage which is very popular as they get to see all of their footage, and also get an insight in to how videos are edited for future reference on projects to see what is involved. Once approved we deliver the final version of the video optimised in the correct formats to fit your desired distribution channels.

NCS video workshop


We don’t just leave you with the video file and simply say ‘good luck’! We always aim to actively assist our clients with getting the most out of their content and ensure their audience engages with it. Every part of the production process is important and this part means the difference between a few views by an irrelevant audience and influencing important decision makers and your target audience to make decisions/buy your product/go to your event/use your service from what they have seen.

By distribute we’re not just talking about sticking it on YouTube and hoping for the best, you can do so much with your video content now and you should be maximizing your investment. Sharing it on your website either as a standalone video or automatic playing video banner, sharing on your social media channels, playing it in a presentation to have an impact/influence, showing clients in meetings on a tablet, playing it on a monitor at a trade show to draw visitors to your stand, and many more ways we can advise.

One very popular alternative distribution method which we have worked with clients on is having a launch premiere of the film to raise exposure of the video and encourage participants, sponsors, partners, clients, customers to share the video. This also acts as an excellent networking opportunity and can be interlaced with another event on the company agenda like a conference.

Other services we can provide

Good digital marketers understand that Content is still king and many businesses are now looking to partner video companies to ensure that they have regular, fresh video content which tells their story and brand. Having the good habit to integrate video content in to digital strategies, marketing campaigns, both in house and for their customers. We work with a number of clients on a long term retainer or preferred supplier basis on their video content. This has a wide range of benefits which include:

  • Strategic advice for embedding video content across a wide range of marketing activities
  • Video expertise to guide and develop internal skillsets
  • Cost effective, save time and staff costs tendering projects
  • Build a trusted brand-orientated working relationship
  • Flexible and responsive priority service from a local Company

If you need lots of regular video content, then please get in touch for a discussion on the retainer video packages we offer.

White Label Service for agencies

We offer a white label video production service for digital and PR agencies working as their in-house unit to expand their in-house capabilities. Agencies can offer clients an additional service to generate more revenue whilst working with us on the full production process from concept to completion or just individual services such as filming and editing.

We offer agencies reduced rates to partner with us to promote their services. If you’re an agency and interested in talking with us and how we can help you, please get in touch.

Some of the agencies we have worked with include: Thomas Miller, CMFG, Intermedia Solutions, Ridgmount PR, Destination Southampton, The Adventure Connection, BandV

Camera Lens

Video workshops

We have seen a big drive in our clients looking to create their own content and user-generated content alongside professionally produced content. We do not discourage this, as we think it is an important part of creating continuous content for the market. There are times when it is not always logistically possible or budget-wise to buy professional video content so we offer supported packages.

These include video workshops for our clients and organisations on a range of video marketing areas. The content and length of our workshops can be tailormade, for example, a one-day workshop on video marketing with case studies and how to use your video content or longer workshops over the course of a few days, teaching your staff how to make simple videos with tips on planning, shooting and editing both in your business premises and in various locations.

Our workshops are  a mixture of  theory and practical elements using plenty of video examples throughout. We also offer a workshop for a teambuilding away day, which involves participants presented with some top tips in the morning, then actually going out and planning, filming and editing a video on ipads in groups set to a treasure hunt style competitive challenge and then presenting their videos at the end of the day. You can see what one group of young NCS participants had to say on our workshop in the video.

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