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We create and deliver tailor-made video production workshops for both corporate and education clients.

 From intensive one day workshops to week-long fully encompassing sessions.


We lead innovative participatory  video production workshops for small and large businesses, groups, organisations, and training providers . Whether its practising with the camera or getting confident infront of one. We can offer tailor made workshops on a variety of video production areas. The lengths of our workshops can be tailor made, from intensive one day workshops to one week fully encompassing workshops.  Engaging, Film making is time consuming and not for the techno-phobe but if you want to make lots of simple videos we can help you plan, shoot and edit your own footage to make them more effective. We’ll teach the basics of film planning including your key messages, camera techniques, framing shots, presentation and editing. Our workshops are 100% hands on so come prepared to get stuck in.

We can tailor workshops to your requirements and create exercises to suit. We can either run the course at your workplace or book a mutually convenient venue, with plenty of space so that participants have enough room to practice their film-making skills.

Courses include:

Simple film-making techniques using tablets and phones

Video Making for social media

Presenting to camera and interview skills

Digital PR – using video to promote your organisation


As part of working with our clients on their

Video strategies, we also offer workshops and presentations

on various areas of video production to increase

the knowledge of marketing teams.


An even balance of user generated content and

professionally produced video work well. We teach staff

how to confidently use a camera and every day devices for filming

as well as editing on professional editing software and free editing apps.


There are times when it is not logistically possible

or  no budget for a professional video content so

these courses are a cost effective way of continuously

generating new video content for your audience.

It is also an extra benefit for Company staff to learn

something new in their employment.




We offer video workshops for Educational establishments including Schools, Colleges and Universities as well as other Education based organisations.

In todays society young people are using and watching video on a regular basis in their day to day lives so by taking our workshops they can understand what actually goes into making them which will help them in their education and potentially their future careers.

We have run video workshops with Footprint Hants National Citizen Service teaching over 1000 young people over the course of a six week summer on video production. We have also run workshops for Saints Foundation working with the same group of young people from difficult backgrounds and developing their skills in video over the course of a six week programme. Taking them from pre-production, right through to filming and editing their very own project which they create themselves.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on our Educational video workshops.



Teaching participants the importance of video, how to effectively use a variety of camera equipment including every day tools such as phones and tablets, right through to editing and distribution of the video content.

Learn where to use video... other than YouTube!!

Get ahead of competitors by learning how to produce your own regular video content!

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